Echocardiography for neonatologist, what should we know? Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation Prof. Sherien Abdelsalam

Prof. Sherien Abdelsalam
Course highlights
Numerous echo images of a large spectrum of congenital heart conditions will be shown
 Cardiac morphology of many congenital heart lesions will be demonstrated before each lesion
 Lectures by expert in congenital echocardiography (consultant)
 Scanning of patients, including those with congenital heart diseases

Learning objectives
 Topics covered will enable all participants to increase their knowledge of congenital echocardiography
 Candidates will increase hands-on experience of echocardiography in paediatrics
 Candidates will have increased confidence in reviewing congenital echocardiography images of a large range of pathology
Who should attend?
 Paediatricians and trainees
 Paediatric echocardiography cardiology specialists
 Paediatric cardiologists and trainees
 Neonatologists and trainees
 Adult cardiologists and trainees
 Adult congenital heart disease specialists and trainees
 Echocardiographers
 Cardiac surgeons
 Cardiac anaesthetists
Session 1 Introduction Ultrasound in congenital heart disease, Morphology. It is art of decision
Session 2 Segmental approach to normal and abnormal situs views
Session 3 Interatrial communications
Session 4 Ventricular septal defects Morphology Echocardiography
Session 5 patent ductus arteriosus
Session 6 Atrio-ventricular septal defects, Morphology , Echocardiography
Session 7: RV outflow obstruction, pulmonary stenosis, pulmonary atresia
Session 9 Tetralogy of Fallot Morphology, Echocardiography: pre-operative
Session 10 Transposition of the great arteries TGA Morphology, Congenitally corrected transposition and its variants.
Session 11 Double outlet right ventricle


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